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I am a UK based illustrator and I have been creating illustrations for national and international clients in advertising, architecture, manufacture, packaging, marketing and publishing for over 30 years. I have provided illustrations for businesses such Alfa Romeo GB, AA, BT, Callaway Golf, Dorling Kindersley, Honda UK, Epson, IBM, Pfizer, Readers Digest, Shure, Sony UK, Sunningdale Developments, Tesco, and Waitrose.

I currently specialise in architectural visualisation providing illustrations that can be used as an initial development tool by the developer and then high quality landscaped illustrations for marketing and off plan selling. I can provide one off illustrations for individual builds or whole of development projects including street scenes.

I provide technical illustrations from simple line drawings to realistic exploded or cutaway views as well as illustrations to be used on packaging along with visualisations of various packaging products to showcase labels for design purposes.

Originally trained as a technical illustrator and airbrush artist, I have a high attention to detail and I still use Photoshop to 'airbrush' certain projects where 3D modelling is not practical.

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Technical and product